About Us

My Cooking History (The Guy):
I have been cooking ever since I have been able to see over the stove. All of the credit I get I owe to my mom. She once told me, “Boy, as much as you like to eat, you had better learn to cook.” So I did. I would spend evenings and weekends in the kitchen with her just watching (and helping) in amazement as she would take all kinds of things from the cabinets and the refrigerator and make some kind of a grand meal. One of the first things I noticed was that she seemed to pull out a lot of the same things most of the time. When I questioned my mom on this she said with a smile, “It is not what you start with, it is what you do with it that matters”. At the time, I did not get it. We were an Air Force family (enlisted) with four kids. Not rolling in money so to speak. I watched... and I learned. She taught me seasonings, how they taste and how they mix. When to add and how to combine, how to make the flavor you want and not to be afraid to experiment. She taught me vegetables, the look, the texture, the taste, the different ways to cook them. She taught me meats, how to take what you have, waste nothing and the styles of preparing them. She taught me the table. All of your work is diminished if the presentation is left out. She taught me the value of time and to be patient in your work to achieve the results you want.

Most important of all, she taught me that I need to love what I do.

See mom, I was listening, I got it.


Barbecuing History:
The grill is where my dad took over. He was a firefighter and would cook for his men. The stories you hear about firehouse cooking are true! My dad was a wizard on the grill. Cooking for a bunch of men, they would have no problem in letting him know what they thought of what he had cooked. The skills he perfected at work, he would bring home and I would watch and learn from him. "Take your time." & "Do not get distracted." were things I heard from him COUNTLESS times. Barbecuing and entertaining are different sides of the same coin is what I also learned from him. I learned the techniques of both direct and indirect heat cooking and the subtleties of marinating, brining and smoking. People would be asking weeks in advance of a spring/summer holiday if there was going to be a barbecue at my house. I would watch the smoke from the grill waft throughout the neighborhood and the people would soon start to show up with big smiles ready for a party. 

The Sauce History:
I have been making my sauce for years. It was a continual state of fine-tuning. I would make a batch for a barbecue I was hosting or friends were having, it would be used for the event and then the rest of it was requested to be taken home by the guests in jars at the end. I always got nice comments on it. Then I started to notice that people I didn’t even know that well were inviting me to cookouts and asking me to bring my sauce. It was not until my coworkers started telling me that they would pay for both the ingredients and my time (considerable) to make the sauce that I started thinking of me selling the sauce as more than just a pipe dream. We started small of course. Selling locally by word of mouth and using family members and friends across the country to spread the word. We entered the sauce in several different cooking and food competitions and did very well. We now have gone to the Internet to enlarge our customer base and now the world has access to us

The Product Line:
We have grand plans to offer a wide range of products to help you prepare all the best for you and your guest. All of our items are tested and refined on ourselves, our family and friends, and even friends of friends. All are asked to be completely honest in answering one question. Is this product good enough to have you actively seek it out? When the answer is an overwhelming yes, we think we may have something.

The Name:
Dante's Devine... Cool huh! Well there is a story behind it.