Barbecue & Teriyaki Sauces

Unlike most Barbecue Sauces that are simply a tomato based product (sometimes even ketchup) and bunch of dried ingredients put together all at once into a large cooker in which water is added, the mixture is heated up and mixed then bottled all in the same afternoon; Our award winning Barbecue Sauces, from the moment the pureed fresh vegetables go into the steam kettle and the first set of spices are added to the time when the bottling procedure begins, Dante’s Devine Barbecue Sauces go through a 3 phase, 60 hour cooking process. The richness of using pureed fresh vegetables as its base makes an unquantifiable difference. Adding different ingredients at different times gives each ingredient the ability to fully blossom and impart its unique qualities producing a sauce with a depth of flavors.

You might ask yourself, “Who does all this for a barbecue sauce?” but once you taste our sauce on your dish coming off the grill or out of your kitchen, once you see how all conversation stops as all take their first bite and they just linger in the sumptuous pleasure of what you presented them, you will both understand why we do and you will appreciate our efforts. We take as much pride in serving you as you do in serving your guests.

At Dante's Devine Gourmet Foods we also consider time an ingredient...


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