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Barbecue has grown up!
Barbecue is world wide. Here at Dante's Devine, flavors and influences from around the world fuse and meld in a glorious symphony of tastes on our grills.
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Why Choose Dante’s Devine Catering for your next Big Event?

When you are planning a major event, one of the most important aspects of the planning process is selecting the perfect menu. You want to create a dining experience that everyone will be talking about for months. You need an experienced catering company whose menu is not only diverse but is also equally dynamic and unique. Dante’s Devine Catering specializes in helping create long lasting memories for our customers and their guests. From corporate events to weddings, we know how to make an experience memorable. After all, there is so much more to catering than just the food.

What do you expect from a catering company? Good food? Professional presentation? Perhaps an extensive menu? It can be harder than you think to find a catering company that does it all. Fortunately, Dante’s Devine Catering has everything you are looking for in a catering company. Whether you are hosting a corporate event or are looking for the perfect catered wedding, we are ready to serve our customers anyway we can. With a large selection of delicious menu options to choose from, we are sure to have something for everyone on your guest list. Our catering excellence doesn’t stop there. When we cater one of your events, we are sure you will be blown away by our impeccable presentation and professionalism.

Make sure your next big event ends up being the talk of the town! Don’t settle for mediocre catering companies that make big promises but fail to deliver. Dante’s Devine Catering has the knowledge and experience to create a truly unforgettable experience. Please contact us today for your next corporate event or wedding. We’re here to serve you!

 You Really Can Taste the Difference
  • We take pride in sourcing the best ingredients for our recipes. From our world famous Brisket and award-winning St. Lewis Ribs to our house made XXXXXXXXXX, we make everything from scratch, offering you exceptional flavor with every bite!
  • We are true foodies at heart. We treat each party as if it were our own. Throughout the entire process, our clients and guests are served with gracious, warm and professional service. Whether it's large or small, YOUR event is handled with the same attention to detail and can-do attitude.
  • We are innovators. Recipes are developed, not just copied. Each new dish starts with the question, “What brings about the best flavor, texture and appearance?” Over time, our menu offerings evolve to suit changing tastes and dining trends.
  • We pride ourselves in our range and adaptability. Whatever food style, theme or genre you desire, we will provide you with a range of delicious and inspired menu choices.
  • We have produced food for every type of event imaginable, from themed celebrations to banquets for dignitaries. You can relax, knowing that you are in capable and safe hands.
  • We approach each brief with a fresh set of eyes. We are here to support you in planning your special event and always work calmly and efficiently to ensure your function is a success.
  • From the moment you start working with us you will experience attentive and impeccable service from our friendly, experienced team. Once your event day arrives you will find our service staff to be discreet, polite and professional.
  • We are picky. The best ingredient is one that is hand-selected for freshness and flavor. To make each recipe stand out, we source the finest ingredients from an extensive network of specialty growers and suppliers.
  • We have style. We know that great tasting food should also be great to look at and be fun to eat. We know how to create unique food presentations with finesse and style.
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