Lord of the Rings


One ring to find them... and in Devineness bind them. Both Alegeri and Tolkien used 9 rings. Hmm...
How many people do you know? Family, neighborhood, work, church, social groups... You might be surprised if you started counting. How would you like to help spread the word about our products and gain some rewards for simply helping your friends find us? We're sure you know it is said that a recommendation from a friend is the most powerful sort of advertising!

This is how our program works:
When you sign up for The Lord of the Rings promotional program, you will receive your personal Ring Bearer Numbered Keyring. It will have your personal Ring Bearer Number. When you give that number to a friend to use in purchasing our products, they will receive 10% off of their first purchase of over $25.00! You will receive a Token, at 5 Tokens, we will send you this T-shirt. This is the 'Ring Bearer' T-shirt that you will receive with your first 5 Tokens! It tells the world that you are an advocate of Dante's Devine Gourmet Foods LLC and that you are willing to share the world of tastes that awaits them.


Ring Bearer:
Level Members Award
1 5 Ring Bearer T-shirt
2 10 Embroidered Baseball Cap
3 15 20 oz. Dante's Tumbler
4 20 Embroidered Mini-Cooler
5 25 Embroidered Tote Bag
6 30 30 oz. Dante's Tumbler
7 35 Embroidered Apron
8 40 Grilling Equipment  
9 45  
10 50

Trip for two from any major city in the lower 48
to Las Vegas for the weekend!**

Our embroidered items use a special order metallic thread that reflects in the sunlight. It is really stunning to see!


There are three levels to the program. Each new level has a new ID Dog Tag, T-shirt and Embroidered Baseball Cap.
(Awards are subject to change based on availability... not often though.)