Cooking Information


Scoville Scale (Peppers) The most complete listing on the internet of various peppers based on their capsaicin level!
Barbecue Glossary A huge and continuously growing alphabetical listing of Barbecue, Grilling and Cooking terms.  
Smoking Woods Characteristics of woods smoke flavors they impart and what it goes best with.
Barbecue Styles The basic regional styles and their characteristics.
Grilling Temperatures Charts for Internal Meat Temperatures
Grilling Timetables Cooking charts based on thickness and weight of the meat.
Barbecue and Grilling Techniques Several different techniques for dish presentation.
Barbecue and Grilling Tips Tips and tricks for the kitchen, grill and smoker.
Grilling Planks The different types of wood grilling planks and how to use them.
Barbecue, Wine and Beer Pairings of Barbecue and different spirits.
Cut Charts Primal Cut Charts for various proteins.
Meat Preparation The ways to get your ready to be cooked.
Vegetables Grilling vegetables... Yes vegetables... Who knew! ;-)
Brining Process of soaking protean in water along with spices to add flavor and moisture into proteins.
Recipes LOTS of recipes submitted from all over the world using our products
Barbecue and Cooking Links You can never have to much information!!!!
Video Library Videos showing training and tips for preparation, using the smoker, grill, griddle, stovetop and oven. Cooking demonstrations also.